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Click on the thumbnails to view the layouts in full-size.  They are now arranged in reverse chronological order.
version Immanuel 2000.
This is the Christmas 2000 layout.  It is a very quick and simple design.  The main theme of this layout is the real meaning of Christmas.  It is not about giving gifts, not about partying.  It is about the best news to the world, the Saviour is born.  When you click on "Immanuel 2000", a intro window would pop up and you'll see the Christmas message and the navigation menu.  The links on the menu would make another pop-up window for the content.  It is a lot of pop-ups, but I just didn't feel like to pull the links on the front page.
version Maple7.1, Happy Canada Day 2000
This is a variation of the previous layout Kakumei6.27.  Same design and html, just a different picture on the left.  Like the current layout, "Maple7.1" on the top right corner is clickable, and will open up a tiny window to explain the layout and a bit of personal message ^^.  The tiny window also lead to download a mov file for the Molson-I am Canadian ad.  An excellent Canadian Ad.  The maple leaf on the left was also sliced into 4 sections.  If you mouse over different sections, they give you different words for one whole message, "!"
version Kakumei6.27.  I've been so overwhelmed by Shoujo Kakumei Utena lately that you can see I've got a few SKU theme layouts ^^.
The rosecrest is the main theme and the picture is sliced into 7 pieces in a spiral fashion symbolizing the turning and turning around.  Rotation seems to be somehow something significant in SKU.  And you mouseover each piece, you'll see a bible quote from Ecclesiastes about things running in circle and there is nothing new under the sun.  It matches the "mystical" mood of SKU well.  When you click on "Kakumei6.27", it opens up a small window as the introduction and shows you the secret of the rosecrest if you have missed it.
v00.05.13 Inspired by Chibi Chibi's black and white pictures and other webpages with black and white designs, I decided to make a black and white layout myself.  At the end, it ended up having a bit of red besides black and white.  I prefer very simple designs recently.  The circle in the middle was supposed to be like a glass ball with the text inside.  I'm not sure how you would interpret the circle ^^;;

I have seen another webpage with a similar circle design, which was a coincident.  My layout is definitely original design ^^.

The first layout after Rushita's Room is moved to  Simple and quick design using the single background full screen picture.  The background picture came from the same collection CD as the previous layout.  This layout looks fine even in 1024 pixel screen width.    Although the background picture is big, the size is reduced to about 60K to improve loading speed.
January version.  (There was a Christmas version, but the files are already deleted).  This is the last layout in Geocities.
Again extensive picture slicing and arranging.  Part of the picture is arranged as the background of the table so text can be type on top of it.  The background picture came from the Chinese scenery drawings CD-Rom that I bought.  Since I've paid for those copyright free pictures, I might as well make use of them ^^.  Still using the same purple and white color scheme and tranquility mood.
2nd Anniversary special layout made in Nov, 99.
A different mood for the page.  The picture of Rushita on the left side is also specially drawn for the anniversary.  Starting from this layout, complicated table and picture slicing technique has been applied to front page layouts.
v.99.09.29 (you can tell my numbering system is not quite consistent ^^;;) This is a special layout with a special message for the missing Blueberry princess.  Due to extremely worry about what might have happened to my SMU friend BBP, I made this very plain layout to show my worry and wished she would come back soon.

I've used the same girl as I did on the previous unused layout because I thought that girl matches Blueberry princess very much.

This is version 3.3 made on July 3, 99. This layout has not been used online.  It is made right before the previous one using a different color scheme, but basically the same idea.  The little girl is from Precious Moment. After I've made the one with Michiru and Haruka, I decided to use that one instead and planned to save this one for later use.  However, because I ended up using the same picture for the next layout, this layout has never actually been used.
Most of Rushita's Room old layouts are in a tranquility mood.  I have used the purple and white color scheme for the longest time with different layout as I have a special interest in this color scheme ^^.  Most of the sections in Rushita's Room is still in this color scheme.

This is the v17.07.99 featuring Michiru and Haruka.  Those 2 Michiru and Haruka pictures are 2 gorgeous separate pictures you see on the net.  However, they obviously belong to one big picture when it was drawn.  Michiru and Haruka are meant to be together, but I'll never see these 2 pictures put together ;_;  Therefore I purposely arrange them together on the layout.  Ahh...Michiru and Haruka are finally together in the park ^^

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