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Click on the thumbnails to view the layouts in full-size.  They are now arranged in reverse chronological order.
Christmas 2003 - Traditional nativity Christmas scene.  The main message used the lyrics of the Christmas song, "Mary's Boy Child", to tell the Christmas story.  Javascript image flip is used on the angels for navigation and both mouseover tooltips and alt text are used to display hidden bible verses messages.  The scrolling text used a combination of ilayers and javascript to make it functional on all browsers.  This is not my favourite layout, but nevertheless, got the main component done and the message across.
Take Me to Happiness - The layout on second half of 2003.  This is an image I scanned from my Clover manga.  I like Suu and her wings, so I decided to cropped out her image and the birdies to make a wallpaper out of it.    The wallpaper soon turned into this layout.  The layout is designed for min. 800px width with extra fill-in background image on the right side for bigger screen.  However, since the navigation is on the left side (to stay away from the pretty picture), the layout seems to be tilted on the left when it is viewed on bigger screem.  The matching wallpaper is more evenly distribuited without the site text and the consideration of flexible screen width.  The background colour wasn't supposed to be as minty on the original file, but somehow it shows up a slightly different colour on the web.   Again, the site pages were redone with matching heading images and also matching message board theme.  The error 404 image was a hand-drawn 4 leaf clover with barcode text to match the style of the manga.
Angel Wings - The layout on first half of 2003.  This is an image from X.  I wasn't familiar with the anime, but this is a pretty picture.  I hand drew the ends of her hair to restore what is missing due to the edge of the original image.  It was done so well that the resultant picture looks so complete.  The layout is designed for min. 800px width with extra fill in background image on the left side for bigger screen.  I quickly fell in love with this layout and its colours and this is one of my top 3 most favourite layouts.  The site pages were redone with matching heading images and also matching message board theme.  I later also made a wallpaper out of it because the image is so beautiful and so suitable for a layout.  Originally I was going to use a different blue-tone image also from X, but that one took too much time and work to restore the image.  So, I used this one instead.  The blue-tone image was used as error 404 splash image instead.
Hope 2002.  The 2nd layout on a new server.  It was no longer summer and time to change layout.  Before making a normal layout, it needed to  make one for Christmas first.  Again, I used simple and traditional Christmas scene, and a Christmas message is a must ^^.  I like how the blue/purple colour changing gradually from top to bottom.  To add a special touch, I used a javascript for mouseover on the stars which are the navigation menu.  When you put your mouse over a star, it will show you what the link is.  As always, Christmas carols are needed.  I picked 5 favourite Christmas carols and 5 favourite bible versus to put one of each on each navigation page.  There is also a new matching board theme for my new xmb forum.  And as always, my layouts are designed for min. 800 px width screne but still looks right on wider screnes.
Midsummer Starfruit Festival 8.0.  This layout is put up in August.  I bought a CD rom with interesting fruit pictures, so I thought it would be fun to make a totally different layout.  This starfruit layout is like ice in hot summer.  It just looks so cool and fresh.  Starting from this layout, the site is re-catergorized into different section, like a real collective site.  Site overall is more consistent in layout and the index main theme actually applies to most pages except some that are separate section on their own.  It is a simple layout with simple navigation.  Starting from this layout, the site has a sitemap.  Time to get a site map so people don't get lost in my complicated site :p.  Layout is up from August to November 2002.
Lady of Dream, once again I stopped using verison number for some reason ^^;;  I browsed the net to look for image for xq's blog and found this image which I liked so much.  I knew I must make a layout out of it but it is too feminine for xq's blog and not his style.  So I ended up turning it into a layout for  The original image is duo tone but in purple.  I turned it into light blue and light blue looks very good on white.  This image looks a bit dreamy, so I named it "Lady of Dream", after a Hitaro song of the same name.  Again I tried to make the layout flexible width fading the image into the blue background on the right.  The navigation is reverted back to simple icons on the left.  It is still my style to keep the layout as simple and clean as possible.  This layout was used from April to August 2002.
Flame of Love,  a Fushigi Yuugi layout.  This is the one I used for the 2nd half of 2001 and 1st quarter of 2002, before and after the Christmas layout.  Still very much like Miaka, Tamahome and Suzaku, this was made about the same time the Suzaku wallpaper was done.  This layout has a flexible white border that will extent according to the browser window width.  It is desiged for 800 pixels and above width.  This is one of my most favourite layout.  I love the orange-firey-red colour on the image and the text.  It goes with black background so well.  And this time the links are done by text with description on the side too, so no more complaint can't navigate the site! ^^  Starting from this layout, matching error404 pages, matching general background for site stuff are also made.
version Rejoice!  This is another quick and simple layout, for Christmas 2001.  I simply had no time to think of a better design, so I just use the clip art from Corel and slap text right on it.  No matter now little time I had, the Christmas message cannot be excluded.  That's the real meaning of Christmas afterall.  This design uses "duotone" effect again which I think matches winter and the peacefulness of Christmas.  From making this layout, I've learned a new and easy way to convert colour images to "duotone".

As usual, Christmas layout cannot be without a Christmas carol.  The word "Rejoice!" is clickable and the midi is "Angels We Have Heard On High".

Spring 2001, a very greeny and springy look.  I spent quite a bit of time pondering what I can do for a fresh spring look.  All I could think of were leaves and a catepillar.  So, the catepillar became the focus of the picture.  Like the last version, this one still used hidden "no-text" menu, not to mess up the nice picture.  As some people complained, I hid the menu too well as well ^^.  I knew that would happen so I actually made bright orange button-like dots on the catepillar's body and I specifically wrote "touch the lavae".  "Smell the scent" was referring to my new Scented Angel clique.  The layout is a very complicated table design and the picture is actually diced into 27 pieces of irregular sizes to fit the bright-orange navigation dots.  The 404 page and the message board also have the matching springy layout.
This is the new layout for year 2001.  It is still a Shoujo Kakumei Utena theme.  This picture is played at the ending song of the TV series and I've always wanted it to be used on my page.  Luckily I found a good b/w scan of it.  I'm still interested in "modified monochrome" design and suddenly felt like to make it "major" pink, just for Utena ^^. This is the first "no-text" menu, using icon links with only single-word descriptions on the mouseover effect.  The links are on the ornamental design on the right and bottom border of the theme picture.  I found I hid it so well that people may not be able to find it, so I also made a safety net.  The center picture clickable as well and it leads to the usual intro and tell people where the links are and how to enter the page, with a touch of SKU style ^^.  I've started playing with the palette and this design as an advantage of fast-loading since each piece of the picture is only 2-bit in color.

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