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Click on the thumbnails to view the layouts in full-size.  They are now arranged in reverse chronological order.
Kashira - This is a layout to celebrate 10th Anniversary of  SKU theme is used because it was also 10th Anniversary for Shoujo Kakumei Utena.  In the style of the Shadow Girl Theather (A-ko and C-ko), they tell the story of how this website began, in the same way the storytelling of how SKU began.  The grey blackground in the film strip has message about the site anniversary, although it isn't clearly mentioned on the main message side.  The bright pink rectangles are navigation buttons.  This is one of my best layouts in my opinion.  Thanks Giovanna from Empty Movement for providing the high quality theme image.  This layout was used from October 2007 to November 2008, and is a full layout with a matching pesonal vBulletin forum theme I'm using at another site.  The 404 page also has a SKU style image to match it.
Christmas 2007 - I Was Touched and I Believed.  The message on the page is directly the lyrics of the song "I Was Touched and I Believed".  It was a beautiful song that we sang for Christmas that year (midi included on the page), and the lyrics itself is a complete Christmas message.  The images is the nativity scene of 2 shepherds and the 3 kings which matches the lyrics.  The navigation is on the blue icons, which turn to orange with the text for the section on mouse-over.  This is a full layout for the whole site.
Ginkgo 2006 - This is a beautiful image I found online and I always like the yellow ginkgo leaves.  The hidden mouse-over message was "I'll watch over you....for generations after generations."  This idea is taken from wikipedia (site linked by the word "gingko") on the ginkgo tree itself.  It turns out that gingko is considered a living fossil.  A single tree can lives for hundreds or thousands of years, and therefore it can actually watch generations comes and goes by. The phase "let me be with you" is the name of the opening theme of Chobits.  This layout was used from October 2006 to October 2007.  This is also a full layout with a matching one for my LJ. 
Snowflake (Christmas 2006) - The main image is a beautiful photo of a snowflake, graphic edited and enhenced.  The Christmas message is the main content, and the Christmas song used that year was"What Child is This".  The small clickable snowflake icons leads to different website that has the lyrics of What Child is This, the all about snowflakes website, a site that allows you to virtually cut out paper snowflakes online, a site that has a flash movie about the story of Christmas, a link to the Site Declaration page, and a link to pop-up the 9th Anniversary page with a personal message.  Christmas month is the same month for site anniversary.  This is a full layout.
Be My Angel - The angel character is from an artbook named "Angel Flavour".  It is a fixed size design, due to time constraint while badly needed a new design ^^;;.  The design is centered on the screen.  The blue beads on the orbits are for navigation, which turns to yellow beads when you mouse-over them.  "Be My Angel" is also the name of the opening theme song of "Angelic Layer".  This layout was used from November 2005 to October 2006.  This is also a complete layout set came with xmb style, LJ style, and wallpaper.
Christmas 2005 - A very simple layout with a photo of my christmas tree ornament.  Due to time constraint, this is only a single page front page layout.  The rest of the site still run on "Forget Me Not".  "Oh Holy Night" is the background music for the layout.  The most important thing is the Christmas message on the layout.
Forget Me Not - This is a flexible layout design, which fits browser size from 800x600 to 1024x768.  Some of the elements of the design shift according to the screen width.  The name of the girl on the layout is "Nayuki", from a game called "Kanon".  Purple/blue haired girl is Rushita's favourite when choosing characters since they represent Rushita to bring out the style and message.  This layout was used for for a long time from September 2004 to October 2005, with the Christmas 2004 and 7th Anniversary layout went in between.  This is a complete layout set came with xmb style, LJ style, and wallpaper.  "Forget Me Not" is named after the purple colour of the design.
7th Anniversary - This layout overlapped with the christmas one.  At some point, the site has both layouts on at the same time and you can flip between the 2 using the text links.  A very pretty image from some anime.  The girl in the image was picked because she somewhat resembles the look and style of Rushita. came to the 7th year in December 2004 and I thought it would be best to portrait the "Rushita look" on the main image.  Despite the total file size is kinda large, this is one of the most beautiful layout design.  I might come up with a similar design next time.  The hidden mouseover messages on the main image on different pages are:
"remember me... like you've always been..."
"look at my eyes... and tell me you love me..."
"dance with me... until sunset..."
"listen with your heart... and see what you believe..."
Christmas 2004 - Again traditional nativity Christmas scene.  Image came from my Precious Moments colouring books.  The main design was actually an old one used before for a previous private web xmas card, this time added the surrounding christmas weath.  The main image is an mouseover one, with the christmas message on a matching image showing up when you mouse over it.  This is a partial layout only for main sections, because I'm actually not very fond of the design.  Nevertheless, the main thing is to get the message across.

The layout was up at the same time as the 7th anniversary one.

Flame of Love II 2004 - This is a come back of the same design from 2001.  It is one of my most favourite layout.  When I took it down in 2001, I saved all the files and I knew someday I would put it back up.  I need a little adjustment to the images to make it more centered, and redid the main image so it is actually a better quality then the 2001 version.  Also added the mouseover navigation titles.  This also comes with the whole package with the matching site stuff design, xmb layout and even the livejournal layout.  This layout was used on the first half of 2004.

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