Who is ChuChu?

ChuChu: *Points to himself* Chu! chu-chu-chu, chu. Chu-chu chu? Chu! Chu!! Chu!!
Utena: *Gives ChuChu some biscuits*  I think it is better to let me introduce ChuChu.  ChuChu is the little monkey mouse from Shoujo Kakumei Utena.  Well, as you can see, it is a story about me.  *Chu! Chu-chu!!*  Alright, it is a story about me, Anthy and ChuChu and other people in school. *ChuChu grins* ChuChu likes to wear a golden loop earring on his left ear and a red tie on his neck. *ChuChu has no more biscuit*

*ChuChu turns on the subtitle on the screen*
ChuChu: My mistress is Himemiya Anthy.  She was my only human friend and I was her only friend as well.  We lived together happily in Ohtori Academy....until that violent guy called Saionji took Anthy-sama as his Rose Bride and we moved in with him.  He was always so mean to me.  He beat me, kicked me and stepped on me ;_; and worst, he didn't even treat my mistress well.  So I hate him so much, but there is nothing I can do because he is so big and I'm so small.....*chu...;_;*

One day, a girl named Tenjou Utena came and defeated that evil Saionji like a prince.  From then on, my mistress, Utena-sama, and I live together happily, Chu! ^^.  Utena-sama is my first human friend besides my mistress.  She likes me and treats me very well and I like her so much too.  I love both Anthy-sama and Utena-sama and I sometimes would ride on their shoulders and go out with them, especially when it has to do with food *chu!*.  Besides them, I also have some animal friends in Ohtori Acedamy, like the frog and the snail in the garden, and Keropon.
ChuChu's Profile: (written by ChuChu)

Utena Team, member number 0:

Age: Chu! (???)
Birthday: Chu!?
Astrological Sign: Monkey, chu!!

Anthy: There is no such sign, ChuChu.
Blood Type: Monkey type, chu!!
Utena: There is no such blood type, ChuChu.
Height: Between 10cm to 50cm, Chu.  (???)
Interest: Eating, chu!
Good at:
  • Willing to try any kind of food, chu!!
Week in:
  • Ate something that tastes bad, chu!!!
  • Ate something that is not edible, chu!
  • Saionji Kyouichi (a guy that is not edible, chu)
So, what does ChuChu do in the story?

ChuChu: I eat, chu!. ^^  Well, I sleep too! *Noises coming from the audience*.  Well, you see, my job in the story is to keep Anthy-sama and Utena-sama happy, and everyone who reads the manga or watches the anime episodes happy.  That's a very important job indeed!  I might be small, but I can also do many things like play card with my mistress, help my mistress doing the dishes.  To see the whole list, please go to "50 Things You Can Do With a ChuChu", Chu!!

ChuChu's Photo Album
Sailor Iron Mouse: "Say Cheese........" *snaps*
ChuChu: @(/e.e\)@ *blinded by flash light*

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