"Say Cheese....." 

Sailor Iron Mouse: "Hi, this is Sailor Iron Mouse, ChuChu's house mate *chuu! ^^*.  In here, the secret life of ChuChu will be exposed *muhahaha...*.  Just follow me, I'll show you the pictures of ChuChu I secretly took during his daily routine."  <:3)~~

ChuChu's Real Life Snapshots

Konnichiwa, watashi
wa ChuChu desu! ^^

ChuChu's back

Tea time

Mine! Mine!


*Plays with flowers*
*chu! chu! ^^*

Defending Anthy-sama

Back off!  I mean
you, Saionji!


ChuChu and his
big backpack

Wonder what is inside
the backpack...

Food = Good


The whole can goes 
down the pot *opps!*

100x super hot curry


ChuChu goes shopping

In search of another can
of the 100x super hot curry

Drag the purse
down the street

Inside ChuChu's purse

Here it is!

100x super hot curry
finally on hand

Now, to turn Anthy-sama &
Utena-sama back to normal...

Inside the can

No more tie or earring

Is finally free

Even the back is so cute!

ChuChu at Anime North

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