50 Things You Can Do With a ChuChu

I might be small, but I can do a lot of things, chu!  Here is the list of 50 things I can do in manga and anime.
1. Delivers mails
2. Helps Anthy to wipe dishes dry
3. Hold the cloth while Anthy is sewing
4. Plays poker with Anthy
5. Wakes Utena up when Touga is standing outside the house
6. Eat cookies
7. Squeeze toothpaste for Utena
8. Acts as a knight to protect Princess Anthy (in ChuChu's dream)
9. Eats a whole plate of snack and falls asleep on the plate
10. Tastes Anthy's curry
11. Seasons Anthy's curry with 100 times super hot curry power
12. Runs to get help when mistress is in trouble
13. Goes shopping (for another bottle of "100 times super hot curry power")
14. Gets in front of Saionji so he doesn't get slapped by Utena (in Anthy's body)
15. Pretends to be Anthy and writes in the exchange diary
16. Sleeps in the deluxe lunch box
17. Eats baked squid meatball
18. Cries on Anthy's nightgown.
19. Keeps an eye on Anthy who likes to disappear in the middle of the night
20. Eats all kind of food girl students in Ohtori Academy give him
21. Acts as a decoration piece on Utena's shoulder
22. Serves tea
23. Cleans up tea spill
24. Tries harder to clean up more tea spill (stupid student council members....)
25. Wakes Utena up and gives her a new hair style
26. Drinks tea
27. Plays with the flower centerpiece
28. Towel dry Utena's hair
29. Blow dry Utena's hair
30. Combs Utena's hair
31. Braids Utena's hair and puts a bow on the hair
32. Waits for Utena and Anthy to come home
33. Climbs on his friend Mr. Frog's back
34. Dresses up in Utena's uniform
35. Eats more cookies on Utena's head
36. Checks Miki's forehead to make sure he is not having a fever (and he knows what he is talking about...)
37. Tries to catch butterfly
38. Being stepped on by Saionji over and over again and still survives...
39. Acts as Utena's fencing cheerleader
40. Acts as a DJ
41. Helps Anthy when she is knitting
42. Tries to defend mistress with a fork
43. Accompanies Utena when she is studying for the make up test
44. Let Nanami step on banana peel while she is holding the 900 billion times spice that takes 200 years to make
45. Acts as a reusable mouse balloon
46. Summons cow Nanami
47. Pokes little crawlies with a stick
48. Answers annoying cellphone calls in the middle of the night
49. Dances with a worm
50. Spreads butter on a piece of bread

Aren't I very helpful?? *Chu!* ^^

The colored images of ChuChu above are kindly provided by *THE* Utena Gallery of Empty Movement.  Many thanks!