**Important** November 1, 2009: Please note that this special request page will be permanently closed by the end of year 2009 for a major update of the site. All the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon animated gifs will be taken down. Please download whatever you need now, and continue to follow the copyright rules listed below.

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon animated gifs

    Please read and follow the instructions carefully before viewing and downloading the animated gifs:

    - You may download the animated gifs to your computer for your own viewing. If you decided to put them up on your own webpage, you must keep the gif files as it is without any modification, and you must credit me and the people who created the source files. In another words, you cannot remove my credit screen from the gif (if you have the knowledge and software to do that, why not make your own gifs?), and you must credit The Sailor Senshi Page & Matthew for the source file, if you are going to use the one with red **.

    - Direct-linking (i.e., hot-linking) the files from this domain to your website, online journal, message board, or other online applications are not allowed. Such acts are considered as stealing of both image and bandwidth. Anti-hotlinking measures are in place for this domain, so even if you try to do that, it won't work. Don't bother to try. All sites that link files from this domain are logged.

    - The animated gifs are password protected to avoid hot-linking and web-crawlers. To access them, enter "visitor" as username, and "mochi" as password. Username and password are both case-sensitive and they can be changed at anytime. Please read this instruction again if you have problem accessing the files. If you are ready, click here to enter the animated gifs page.

    - If you think this is too inconvenience for you, blame those people who attempted (although never really succeed) to steal the images and bandwidth by direct-linking. Simple web courtesy is not that hard to understand.


    Contact Rushita

    If you have any question, like where to find what piano score, whether I have a certain MP3 song, if I can make something for you, or if you have anything to ask about  You can now use this form to send me an e-mail.  As long as your request or question is reasonable and I have time to handle it, I'll response to it.