"Say Cheese....." 

ChuChu: "Konnichiwa! *chuu! ^^*.  Did everyone have a chance to see me at Anime North?  ChuChu made a special appearance in Anime North  2002.  There were lots of Anime fans and ohhhh I was so a star.  *chuu, chuu!*  Wherever I passed by, my fans got so excited and they screamed "Waaiiii!", "Kawaii!", "It's ChuChu!!".  People just loved me *ChuChu doing a happy dance*.

ChuChu at Anime North 2002
ChuChu arrived at the convension Friday May 24 around 4pm.  It was picked @(>*_*<)@.  Me went for the long line-up to check in the hotel and it was hot.  The check-in counter at the hotel was very low.  The computer was low and couldn't keep up with all the Otaku.  Then ChuChu went to the con registration counter to pick up the membership badge.  Friday ChuChu and Mistress didn't do much, just saw a little bit of anime, browsing the dealers room and waiting to set up Mistress' model.  Mistress made a model of Juri's Golden locket for the model show.  We were busy taking pictures of the cosplayers.  ChuChu was very popular at the con and ChuChu got some pictures taken by his fans *chuu!*.  And some other fans wanted to take picture with ChuChu.  ChuChu met a Utena cosplayer and took a picture with her.  As soon as she saw me, she left the red-haired guy (aka Touga) and hold me in her hands dearly ^^.  *:p at the red-haired guy*.
ChuChu didn't come across that green-haired "you know who" at the con.  That's probably be the best for both of us :p.  Me also went to the karaoke to hear people sing.  It was good except the 2 big-mouth girls who were siting behind me and mistress won't stop talking while other people were singing.  That is, after they have been warned by the karaoke staff twice.  Some people just don't seem to know even the simplest repect for other people.  ChuChu was a good boy, me sat and sang quietly along some of the songs. *chuuuu* @(>^^<)@.

Saturday, me and mistress were woke up twice by the hotel maid who started the room cleaning job way too early @(>*_*<)@.  Mistress put a "Do not disturb" sign on the door the night before but it was mysteriously missing.  We watched a few kawaii anime on Saturday and we had lunch at Harvey's.  See the picture of me and the large soda pop? *chu!*

Then ChuChu went to the biggest event of the con, the Masquerade.  It was a long line up and the Masquerade was very long and had a lot of contestants.  But it was still good and ChuChu had fun.  Mistress took a lot of pictures of the Masquerade as well. @(>^^<)@

Sunday, me and mistress went to the Charity Auction.  The auctioneer Sott McNeil and David Kaye were a blast!  ChuChu went see another anime show and took more pictures, and time went fast and we reached the closing.

ChuChu had fun being so popular at the con and me certainly like to meet all my fans *chuu!*.  Mistress fed ChuChu well at the con too.  *mmm....banana is yummy*.  Oh, btw, me saw a Sailor Iron Mouse cosplayer at the con.  It was a male Sailor Iron Mouse, but I didn't take a picture of him.  He was busy checking-in at the hotel.  I'm sure Sailor Iron Mouse would love to see a picture of him. @(>^.~<)@

Sailor Iron Mouse: "See, I have some fans too!  Wait till I go to the con and you'll see how popular I am!" *Muhahaha.....*

For the pictures of Anime North 2002, please visit Anime North 2002 Photo Gallery.

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