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Anime Shopping in Toronto (North), Canada

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Pacific Mall

Location:  4300 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, ON, L3R 0Y5

Pacific Mall is located on the northeast corner of Kennedy Road and Steeles Avenue East.  It is right on the Toronto/Markham city border and is still considered "Greater Toronto Area".  That's why I categorize this page as "Toronto" anime shopping guide.

Description: Pacific Mall is the largest Chinese mall in Canada located in a Chinese neighbourhood.  It is mainly Hong Kong themed and items are mainly imported from asian countries.  When you go there to shop, keep it in mind that Cantonese/Mandarin is the main language there.  As more and more non-Chinese who would shop there, English language is mostly accessible.  You might occasionally run into some storekeepers who don't understand enough English.  Lately anime DVDs have become very popular in most of the DVD stores, so most of them have some sort of collection of anime DVDs, even the ones not listed in this guide.  It is a great place to contact with asian cultures even if you are not buying anything ^^.

Direction inside the mall:
The stores are arranged in a systemic way like little cubes in straight lines.  Since the mall looks about the same on either ends, infrequent visitors can easily get confused with the location of a particular store they saw on their previous visits.  The easiest way to trot through the mall is to go systemically up or down one aisle after the other.  There are 5 aisles that runs North to South and a few that runs east to west.  The store number starts from the south east corner (A1) and go up to the north end of the mall.  The stores on the west side are those with store number begins with "E".  There is no store numbers 4, 14, 24, 34, 44, etc....because "4" is considered unlucky.

Best time to shop:
Most stores in the mall do not open till 1pm and close at 7pm to 8pm.  The best time to go there is weekdays from 1pm to 5pm, which is the "non-rush hours" for the mall.  My advice is never go there during weekends or holidays because you won't be able to find parking.  The traffic at the mall parking lot and the nearby streets is a mess during mall "rush hours", i.e., weekends and holidays.

  E E   D D   C C    Bank
 61             65  
     Center      30
16                17 
11          9a       
Ground level
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Anime Related Stores: (in store location order by the aisles)
Last update: Oct 7, 2009

My Toys (A17)
A store with lots of anime model kits and figurines.

Kidult (A18)
Right next to the above store is a small store for capsule toy machines you can get your anime toys from.  $2 CAD for each turn. They sell little cellphone string figurines too.

Video Square (A30)
Anime DVDs and Japanese and Korean TV shows in DVDs/VCDs.

Sunny Ltd (B26)
It has a good collection of fandub anime tapes.  Anime accessories including posters, wallscrolls, stickers, playing cards, tarot cards, keychains, figurines, plushie dolls, etc...  Also sells a small collection of SonMay CDs.  Nice and honest store owner.  Non-anime items includes car accessories and stationary.  Store close on Wednesdays except during summer.

Gundam Base (B65)
Anime character and mecha model shop with things you need to make models.

Anime Express (C09a)
This store fills with a good collection of anime DVDs.  You can find the lastest anime available there.  Friendly store keepers who are anime fans themselves.  A recommended store for anime DVD's.

AV Pro (E11)
Anime and non-anime asian DVDs and VCDs.  Pay attention on the DVD or VCD what kind of subtitles they have.  Some only come in Chinese subtitles.

Disc Mania (E16)
It has a pretty good collection of SonMay or EverAnime anime CDs and a lot of anime DVD (or VCD) in fairly good prices.  Nice people there who are anime fans themselves, just ask them for details.  Non-anime items includes VCDs from Japanese and Korean TV shows.  Same owner as AV Pro.  A recommended store for anime DVD's.

Uny (E51)
A stationary and accessories store with Sanrio, anime and other Japanese products.  It has some anime posters, figurines, accessories, etc...  They seem to be playing anime on their TV all the time.

Pacific Gifts Ltd (E61)
It sells and buys trading cards and has tables for people to play their trading card games in the store.

Other Interesting Stores:

Ding Dong (C70-72)
A store full of asian imported snacks, e.g., Pocky, Japanese candies, anime theme candies with collectible items inside the box.  The type of anime theme candies they stock tends to change a lot at different times.  So it depends on your luck what you'll find when you are there.  There are other similar snacks store in the mall as well, so you can also check them out, but Ding Dong is still the biggest store.

Utsuwa-no-Yakata: Japan the Art of Tableware (Second level)
A store with authentic Japanese tableware run by Japanese.  It is a big store in the central area of second level.  You can't miss it.

Currently, the most you see in Pacific Mall are DVDs stores mainly selling Chinese DVDs.  Besides those are the cellular phone stores and cellular phone accessories stores.  There are also some Hong Kong style fashion jewelry and "genuine" jewelry stores, Chinese herbal stores, Hong Kong fashion trend boutiques and a few stores selling authentic traditional Chinese dresses.  For those who like bubble tea, there are a few stores selling bubble tea.  There are a few computer stores in the Mall that sells computer or parts in great prices too (aisle E).  I highly recommend you to buy your new PC there or check out parts there.

On the second level, there is a "Pacific Heritage Town" with special traditional Chinese decorations.  Inside there are small shops selling various things like those on the first level.  One of the stores sells good authentic Chinese decors.  There is also a food court selling traditional Chinese food.  There is another food court at the other end of the second level with authentic Chinese food as well.

Questions?  Feedback?  Suggestions?  Requests?
Ever since I have created this guide, I have received many feedback and questions from e-mails, which is very encouraging for me ^^.  It is good to know that a lot of people have read this guide and finds it helpful.  Your feedback is very welcomed.
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