The Mystery of Levitation Stone
This is the "Castle in The Sky: Laputa, Piano Album" book.  It contains piano scores of 10 songs from image album "Tenkuu no Shiro Rapyuta Image Album, Sora Kara Futtekita Shoujo (Laputa: The Castle in the Sky Image Album, The Girl Who Fell from the Sky)" and 13 songs from original sound track "Tenkuu no Shiro Rapyuta Soundtrack, Hikouseki no Nazo (Laputa: The Castle in the Sky Soundtrack, The Mystery of the Levitation Stone)".

In this section, you can download the piano scripts of the songs.  The songs are listed according to the piano book, which is not the same order listed in the CDs.  The zipped download file contains the scanned piano script page by page (in gif format).  And for the last vocal song, the file also contained the scanned Japanese lyrics (gif) and the romanized lyrics (txt) so you can learn to sing along the script or the soundtrack. only provides the download of the piano scripts to Laputa fans for personal use in order to enjoy the beautiful songs, and no profit is made.  If you like it, please buy it from your local anime store or Ebay or refer to the kmp site (Japanese).

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Technical skill and Presentation: The piano scores in the piano book overall are very good presentation of the original song, which makes them very enjoyable to play. The scores are fairly easy to play as well.

 Image Album 
[The Girl Who Fell from the Sky]
1.  Tenkuu no Shiro Rapyuta [Laputa: The Castle in the Sky]Download

    4 pages - 606kb

2.  Hato to Shounen [Pigeons and a Boy]Download

    3 pages - 589kb

3.  Shiita to Pazu [Sheeta and Pazu]Download

    3 pages - 463kb

4.  Koufu [A Miner]Download

    4 pages - 545kb

5.  Hikouseki [Levitation Stone]Download

    2 pages - 343kb

6.  Doora [Dola]Download

    4 pages - 614kb

7.  Taiju [The Huge Tree]Download

    4 pages - 637kb

8.  Furapputaa [Flapter]Download

    4 pages - 630kb

9.  Tiidiisu no Yousai [The Fortress of Tidith]Download

    4 pages - 618kb

10. Ushinawareta Rakuen [Paradise Lost]Download

     2 pages - 317kb


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 Sound Track
[The Mystery of Levitation Stone]
1.  Sora kara Futtekita Shoujo [The Girl Who Fell from the Sky]Download

    3 pages - 472kb

2.  Suraggu Keikoku no Asa [Morning in the Slag Ravine]Download

    3 pages - 433kb

3.  Yukai na Kenka (~ Tsuiseki) [A Fun Brawl (~ Pursuit)]Download

     5 pages - 800kb

4.  Taigaamosu-gou nite [On the Tiger Moth]Download

    3 pages - 484kb

5.  Gondoa no Omoide [Memories of Gondoa]Download

    2 pages - 341kb

6.  Shitui no Pazu [Discouraged Pazu]Download

    2 pages - 222kb

7.  Robotto Hei (Fukkatsu ~ Kyuushutsu) [Robot Soldier (Resurrection ~ Rescue)]Download

    4 pages - 617kb

8.  Shiita no Ketsui [Sheeta's Decision]Download

    2 pages - 317kb

9.  Hemetsu he no Yochou [An Omen to Ruin]Download

    2 pages - 320kb

10. Gekkou no Unkai [The Moonlit Sea of Cloud]Download

     2 pages - 295kb

11. Rapyuta no Houkai [The Collapse of Laputa]Download

     2 pages - 294kb

12. Tenkuu no Shiro Rapyuta [Laputa: The Castle in the Sky]Download

     5 pages - 799kb

13. Kimi wo Nosete [Carrying You]Download

     5 pages - 733kb


やさしく弾ける [天空の城ラピュタ] ピアノ・ンロ・アルバム [Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Piano Album] Image Album & Sound Track (c) kmp.  ISBN 4-7732-0587-3
天空の城ラピュタ Laputa: Castle in the Sky (c)1996 Studio Ghibli.
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