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Cosplay and General Con Photos
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Did you see these at Anime North......?
(100% handmade by Rushita)

Juri's Locket (Shoujo Kakumei Utena)

This model is displayed at 2002 Anime North Model Show.  It was entered to the Model Contest but I was told it couldn't be judged because they had not seen the "real" one before.  Apparently the people who were judging this year had never seen Shoujo Kakumei Utena before.  There are other good anime besides mecha anime, ne....

If my Duelist Ring from 2001 Anime North Model Show got judged (and won an award) last year, I'm afraid it doesn't make a lot of sense this locket couldn't be judged this year.  I'll let my dear visitors to be my judge ^^.

Btw, somebody asked if I would sell the locket ^^.

The Wandering Chu Chu

Chu Chu (this plushie doll) was quite a star at the con.  Some people requested to take pictures of him.  Chu Chu had been wandering in the con for all 3 days and was very much loved by his fans (or Utena fans in general ^^).

Several people have asked how much I would sell Chu Chu for.  Well, I'm afraid he is not for sale.  You'll never pay enough for Chu Chu or the Locket.  It was a lot of work to make both of them and the labour cost is very high, ne ^^;;

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