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October 22, 2001
All Mighty Disclaimer

While I was trying to write a disclaimer for the "Mouse Zodiac", somebody gave me a very interesting disclaimer ^^:

"The views expressed on this website are those of the owner and are not necessarily those of her Prince, her family, the Provincial Governent of Ontario, the United Nations or the United Federation of Planets.  This is a limited time offer and may be withdrawn at anytime. Batteries are not included. Some assembly may be required. Offer not valid in Afghanistan.  All applicable taxes are your problem and not mine!"

posted by Sailor Iron Mouse 4:57 PM


Disclaimer:  all view expressed on this ranting page are solely the view of the webmaster., the real character Sailor Iron Mouse in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, and the creator of BSSM, Naoko Takeuchi has nothing to do with it so on and so forth... hehe ^^;;