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Sailor Neptune in front of the planet  > click < Kaioh Michiru is the original Japanese name.  Kaioh (family name) means Neptune (King of Sea) and Michiru means to be filled.
Her new official English name in the North America dub is Michelle as seen in the new Sailor Moon S.  "Michelle" not only sound relatively close to "Michiru" and is elegent enough, it also means "who is like God" (i.e. Goddess as in Goddess of Ocean).  However Irwin® Sailor Moon dolls has named her Nerissa first.  "Nerissa" may be related to Greek nymph of the sea or ancient god of the sea.  (Click here to see the Sailor Moon doll package insert, "Sailor Moon Adventure Figures Collectafile")  Of course, I always prefer "Michelle". ^^
Michiru lived in an apartment with Tenoh Haruka (Sailor Uranus) in Tokyo, Japan. She was a quiet and brilliant girl, and she always thinks before she acts.   The school she attended was called Mugen Gakuen.  Mugen Gakuen was a top ranked school involved with researches in high-tech areas.  "Mugen" means infinity, and "Mugen Gakuen"  refers to school of infinite knowledge.  It was very hard to get in this school and only smart students like Mizuno Ami were qualified to write the entrance exam.  Michiru in her school in manga  > click <
Michiru swimming  > click < Besides playing the violin, Michiru also liked painting and swimming.  She was very good at music, art and swimming.  She came to a tie with Mizuno Ami in swimming and suspected that Ami must also belonged to the "water world" in her past life.
When she got visions about the destruction of the world and her fate as a sailor senshi, she accepted the identity as Sailor Neptune and put world saving as her top priority, even though she wanted to have a normal life and be a violinist.  She also found out the identity of Sailor Uranus.  She said to Tenoh Haruka, "You are the only person who could fight with me to save the world". Sailor Neptune's transformation pen  > click <
Michiru and Haruka holding hands  > click < Haruka was not just a best friend, but also the one Michiru loves.  At first, Haruka and Michiru had made an agreement that if one of them got into trouble, the other one should not try to save her partner.  Instead they should focus on saving the world.  Even when only one of them lived, there was still hope for the world.  However, Haruka and Michiru loved each other so much.  When life-and-death situation came, they completely forgot their agreement and would rather die to protect each other.  Michiru sometimes even understood Haruka more than Haruka did herself.
(Although Rushita does not agree with homosexuality, I do respect their relationship)
Sailor Neptune carried Deep Aqua Mirror, one of the three talismans, in her "heart crystal" (pure heart).  The other two carriers were Sailor Uranus (the Space Sword) and Sailor Pluto (the Garnet Orb).  With these three talismans put together,  the "Holy Grail" would appear.  The rightful owner of the "Holy Grail" could then use it to save the world. Deep Aqua Mirror  > click <
Michiru and baby Hotaru  > click < After the crisis resolved and Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) resurrected, Michiru, Haruka and Setsuna together took care of the fast growing baby Hotaru.  However, the peace didn't last too long.  The outer senshi were back and once again fought against the intruders.  In Sailor Stars, Michiru didn't appear alot in the series.  Her role was focused mainly on protecting Usagi (Sailor Moon) and planet Earth.
Michiru's music talent was best shown during the "Michiru and Three Lights Concert".  She shined so much that even the Three Stars thought she was no average girl, maybe she had a message in her music too.  Seiya admired Michiru's skill which got Haruka very jealous when Seiya tried to help Michiru undress after the concert ^_~. Michiru's pose in the concert  > click <
Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus wearing Sailor Galaxia's bracelets
I want to feel your hand again...
The loving relationship between Michiru and Haruka continued to support them to carry on their mission.  In the bottom of their hearts they had found a peace, that as long as they were together, it didn't matter how tough the battle was, it didn't even matter if it was death that they were facing.  Separation seemed to be the biggest fear for them.    At the end of the series, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus made a silent plan and pretended to submit to the enemy for a possible chance to kill the enemy.  But they knew, in order to do that, they had to risk their own lives.  Neptune and Uranus had such strong minds that they could resist the control of the evil power.  However, their plan failed and they died.  At the very end, they had one last wish, is to hold each other's hand for one last time.