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Kaioh Michiru/Sailor Neptune, the special girl

A Poem for Michiru
The Ocean is Restless...

The fate is near,
The destiny so clear.

No more volin, no more dream,
The power of the ocean has to be resumed.

The mission is to be accomplished,
even if that means something has to be relinquished.

The determined heart will finally win,
And the others' minds will be convinced.

Though as a elegent and tranquil princess,
Her power is as strong as roaring tides.

Even with the beauty none can compare,
"Wind" is the only one she ever cares.

A Romance that not everyone believes,
But without it she rather not lives.

Goddess of the ocean and guardian of Neptune,
Her name is Kaioh Michiru, Sailor Neptune, yuuga ni katsuyaku!

~Rushita (Apr 22, 98)

I know I like Kaioh Michiru/Sailor Neptune too much when...

Sailor Moon Anime in North America...

In 1996 when I managed to watch Sailor Moon S of the Chinese version from renting Laser Disks, I have already had an idea that there isn't much hope to get the SMS and the rest on TV in North America.  The reason for that is I know the restriction on the content of cartoons in North America is much tighter than that in Asian countries.  The Sailor Moon Anime series are considered cartoon for kids.  Sailor Moon S contains mature subject matter (i.e., the homosexuality issue between Michiru and Haruka), and would definitely have trouble to get it release.  I personally think that the newer seasons of Sailor Moon is more than just for kids.  Certain subject matters could only be fully understood by people in older age groups.  However, it would not be possible to rate the anime in "PG" and ask kids not to watch it without parent's guidance.  Same thing happens to Sailor Moon Super S for Fish Eye, and even the relationship between Pegasus and Chibi Usa is hard to handle in the dub.

After this page has been up for more than 3 years, Sailor Moon S is finally released in US.  As most people expected they somehow banded the story and changed the relationship between Michiru and Haruka to cousins.  In that case, the dub doesn't stick with the original anymore and the story that the creator was intended to make would be totally changed.  The little dialogue, little intimate things between Michiru and haruka are changed, which loses the essence of Sailor Moon S, and certain actions just couldn't be explained properly using the relationship of "cousins".  I wonder what Takeuchi Naoko (creator of Sailor Moon) would think about that.  For Sailor Moon Super S, Fish Eye may is in fact become a girl in the dub, just like Zoisite.  Watching English version really lose a lot of the original ideas.  Some are lost due to translation and cultural difference.  That's one good reason why Rushita prefers watching the Chinese version, which is very close to the original and has less language and cultural difference.  Chinese voice actors/actresses did a very good job too.

I have mentioned in this section that the future of Sailor Moon Anime in North America is not that promising.  Much to my surprise, they actually dubbed SMS and SMSS, with quite a bit of editing of course.  Since the heat of Sailor Moon has already gone in the past years, I am very interested to see if the new dub will bring back the heat.
For those who like to enjoy the real essence of Sailor Moon, the best choice is to see the English subtitled of the original Japanese version.  In July 1999, the last subtitled Sailor Stars tapes are released.  They can be purchased at your local anime stores, most likely Chinese anime stores.  But be quick, since Sailor Moon is dying even in North America, grab all the merchandise before they sell it no more.  Sailor Moon (Sailor Stars) subtitled tapes can also be ordered at VKLL.  Order them before VKLL stop making them.