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These anime paper dolls are scanned images of my paper doll booklets collection.

Card Captor Sakura

- Sakura, Kero and Sakura's battle costume
- Tomoyo, her school uniform and her video camera
- Li Shaoran and his battle uniform
- Sakura's battle costumes
- Sakura's battle costumes
- Girl clothes
- Girl clothes
- Boy clothes

Shoujo Kakume Utena

- Utena, her school uniform and other clothes
- Utena's clothes
- Himemiya, her school uniform and other clothes
- Himemiya's clothes


- Hamtaro and Boss
- Jingle and Penelope
- Dexter and Maxwell
- Bijou, Cappy and Oxnard

* Image usage rules:

Please note that these images are for you to play with at home only.  Using or distributing these images on your website is not allowed, and such action is considered as image-stealing.

* To make paper dolls:

1. Click on the links and download the images
2. Print the images out
3. Cut out individual dolls, clothes and accessories.  (don't cut off the tabs)
4. Stick them on pieces of cardboard
5. Trim the sides of the cardboard

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