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These are the images and drawings of Rushita's online character, created by Rushita, friends of Rushita and talent artists who are paid to do the commission jobs.  Please click on the thumbnails to view the full-size images.

All images are copyright of Rushita and the respective artists.  Copying, displaying, distributing, editing, and using the following images by any means for any purposes are not allowed.

A gorgeous picture with a faery-like girl.  Thank you niecey miyu-chan for dedicating it to me.  I feel really honuored.

(c) Miyu

Rushita in bell bottom pants.  A new different look for Rushita ^_^.  Thanks Moon Princess for the pretty picture.

(c) Moon Princess

Rushita in an elegent princess look.  I love the flower in her hand.  Thanks, PPD-chan!

(c) Princess Dragon Dive

Dragon Princess kindly drew this picture for me ^^.
The one on the left is Rushita in her daily work suit, holding holding a LAR submission on her hand ^^;;  Honestly, she actually looks quite like me in real life.  The one on the right is Rushita in Kaho-sensei (from Card Captor Sakura) outfit.  Dragon-chan said she pictured me as somebody like Kaho-sensei ^^.  Well, a CCS character quiz does say Kaho-sensei is closest to my personality.  Thanks, Dragon-chan!

(c) Dragon Princess

I name this picture Angel Rushita.

The artist who drew it didn't have a name for her.  However, it looks too much like Rushita in angel form.  Everyone who knows of Rushita and has seen the picture said the same thing.  I bought this picture from the artist alley of Anime North 2002.  When I saw it, I knew I must have it ^^.  I also paid another artist there to do me a commission art for Rushita, and my friends thought this was it.  No, I didn't request it to be drawn like this, it just came like this by conincident ^^.  It is very well drawn, and I like this style very much.  This picture is drawn by IceCap at Kapuchi-no Kafe (display online with permission).   Visit her site to see other wonderful arts.

*Aww* this is sooooooo Rushita! ^^

(c) Ice Cap

This is the commission art Ice Cap drew for me.  Since I like her style so much and I like the Angle Rushita picture so much, I paid her to do this one.

It is interesting how Angle Rushita, which wasn't originally drawn for my character, actually fits Rushita more than this commission art does ^^;;

(c) Ice Cap

Rushita in Santa suit.  This is a commission art I ordered at Anime Weekend Atlanta 8.

(c) Pinkuh

Rushita in kimono.  This is a commission art I ordered at Anime North 2003.

(c) heather chan

Rushita in Seattle, August 2003.  This is a gift from Chibi Team Rocket when I visited her in Seattle.  Look! Tuxedo D plushie is in my bag! ^^  Thanks a lot, CTR!

(c) Chibi Team Rocket

Angel Rushita in Chinese dress.  This is drawn by Diana.  I was wearing this green Chinese dress one night at Seattle and that's probably why Diana did it in this dress.

(c) Diana

"To the future we must look, close the past like a book, and leave all our fears behind, to have a peaceful happy mind.....Amen." - Rushita (Dishwashers Adventure)

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