Why "Chu"

What in the world is "Chu"?

Well, in some part of the world, mainly China, "Chu" is a common family name... *poked by ChuChu with a fork*  Okay, okay, ChuChu, I'll talk about that part of the word, Japan, where both of us came from. ^^;;  In the Japanese language, both "chuu" and "chu" refer to the squeaking noise that mice make.  Just like saying "squeak" "squeak" in English, "chuu" (or "chu") are used in Japanese. "Chuu" and "chu" are basically the same with "chuu" having a long "u" sound.  "Chu" is just one single short syllable that is to be pronounced briskly.  Just curious, I looked into English dictionary and I found the word "chuff" is used for the sound of the exhaust of the steam engine.  Isn't this sound thing interesting? ^^ *chuu*

So, because "chuu" are "chu" are related to mouse, these words are sometimes used to indicate mice.  Just like the name I used on Earth, Nezu Chuuko, "Chuuko" is supposed to have a hidden meaning that I'm a mouse 8:>  "Chuu" is mouse and "ko" is a girl, and I'm a mouse girl ^^.  And for ChuChu, well, it is obvious that the name also refers to a mouse.  Same goes for Pikachu, a "chu" (aka mouse) that "pika" ("pika-pika" means shining, glittering, sparkling, might have to do with thundering).  You might probably have noticed already, both me and ChuChu says "chuu" or "chu" a lot.  We are mice afterall. ^^ *chuu!*

In The Mouse Corner, the word "Chu" is used interchangabily with "mouse" just because it sounds so cute ^^.

Then why do you pick "Chu" (mouse) to make a site on?

*Sailor Iron Mouse and ChuChu go grab whoever is asking the question, throw him/her in a dungeon and show him/her 72 hours non-stop of specially selected clips of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon and Shoujo Kakumei Utena, slip in a few episodes of Pokémon*  I guess we haven't washed your brain enough in here.  Mice are the cutest animal on earth and everyone should love us and worship us. *chuu!*

*ChuChu hands Sailor Iron Mouse a piece of paper*  Oh my, a plan copied from Pinky and the Brain.  Oh yes, this is what we are going to do:

Step 1 - Brain wash everyone and make them worship us
Step 2 - Have a manga series and an anime series to feature Sailor Iron Mouse and ChuChu as the 2 main characters
Step 3 - Take over the world

*chuu* *chuu!* *chu-chu!* *chu!* *chuu!* *more exciting mouse noises..............*

More questions?  Ask ChuChu!