What is "Type-a-chu"?

Well since you know "Chuu" or "Chu" is the sound of a mouse and sometimes it's used for mouse name, this section here shows you different way to type a mouse or mouse face.  Mice are so adorable, I'm sure you want to know how you can add a mousey personality on things you write on internet ^^.

Mouse happy faces:

Mice with body (courtesy of ppm-chan):
Going left:  <:3)~
Going right:  ~(8:>
Mice kissing:  ~(8:><:3)~

Larger mice with longer body and longer tail:
Going left:  <:3_)~~
Going right:  ~~(_8:>
Larger mice kissing:  ~~(_8:><:3_)~~

Mouse with legs:

Mouse family:
<:3__)~~ <:3)~ <:3)~ <:3__)~~

ChuChu faces (copyright goes to xqmrp and Rushita for their own use only)
Happy ChuChu: @(>^.^<)@
Happy ChuChu with red cheeks: @(o^.^o)@
Surprised ChuChu: @(O_O)@
ChuChu winking: @(>^.~<)@
Sick ChuChu: @(/x.x\)@
Well, I'm sure there are a lot more mousey faces you can make if you spend time trying on your keyboard. ^^
If you have some nice ones you'd like to contribute to The Mouse Corner, please e-mail me.  <:3)~