Other "Chu's"

Since mice are so adorable, they have been made into some other well known anime or cartoon characters.  So what other mice do we have besides Sailor Iron Mouse and ChuChu?
Mickey Mouse

A Disney cartoon character dated back to 1928.  I would say he is the most famous mouse of our species.  He has been around so long that kids and adults and grannies all know about him, so I'm not going to say much about him.  If you don't know Mickey Mouse, where have you been hiding? O.o;;  He also has a girlfriend Minnie which is also a mouse.


Pikachu is an anime character from Pokémon.  He is one of the major characters and the main pokémon of the main character.  He is the Pokémon version of a mouse with an electric personality ^_~.  Like all other pokémon, Pikachu can only speaks in sounds makes up of its names.  So he goes "Pika-pika-pi", "pika?", "chu! chu!", which is quite cute.  Again because "chu" is the sound mice make for Japanese culture, the word "chu" is used as part of the name of the mouse character.  Pikachu has 2 red cheeks and funny ears that sometimes droop to make him looks really cute and funny.  Pikachu evolves into another mouse character Raichu (see the pattern of the names? ^^).

Pinky and the Brain

*Singing* "Pinky and the Brain...brain...brain...brain..."
Pinky and the Brain are 2 mice in Acme Lab.  The are the cartoon characters in Animaniacs.  The Brain is a very smart mouse with a single goal, which is to take over the world.  Pinky however doesn't seem to know what he is doing most of the time.  These 2 lab mice are planning for world domination days and nights and there are times they come really close to success, only always failing to something very silly ^^.  So, they are still locked in their cage pondering what they are supposed to be pondering ^^;;.  Never give up, one day we mice can conquer the world! Muhahaha.... *coughs* *coughs* *coughs* ^^


Mappy is a guardian mouse from an hardly known anime, Dragon Half.  Usually Mappy is a very cute looking mouse with big eyes, but when it is angry, it turns into a bear-like quite scary and big creature O.o;;.  Mappy can be very powerful when its power is needed, despite how harmless it normally looks.

Other cartoon mice
Jerry mouse in "Tom and Jerry", the friendly mice in "Cinderella", the dormouse in "Alice in Wonderland", and many more.

Got more anime mouse character that you know of?  Please let me know, Chuu! ^^