More mouse fun! ^^

1. Mouse Origami
How to make a mouse by folding papers.  You need 2 pieces of origami paper in the color you want your mouse to be.  The mouse head and mouse body are done separately. Instruction diagram here.

2. Mouse Cross-Stitching
*Singing* "Hickory hickory dock!  The mouse ran up the clock.  The clock struck one, the mouse ran down.  Hickory hickory dock!"
Download the cross-stitching pattern of this cute mouse rhyme: Page 1, Page 2.
cross-sititching is really fun to do if you have the time and patience.

3. Mouse Adoptions
The Mouse Corner doesn't provide adoptions, but there are other wonderful sites on the internet that does.

To adopt Sailor Iron Mouse, Nezu Chuuko and Sailor Chuu (and other BSSM characters): Primadonna

To adopt ChuChu (and other SKU characters): Revolutionary Girl Adoption Agency

To adopt baby mousies or other creatures:Starluck's SweetWater Valley

To adopt other mice or animal of rodent family or other cute pets: Cute Cute Pet Shop

4. Mouse Fun Page
The World of Mice - A page like The Mouse Corner with funny jokes.
Mousiekin - Another general mouse fun page
Original Mouse House™ - for the computer mouse you are holding on your hand right now ^_~ or is it not that simple?
Church Mice - A cute Christian mice comics
Mouse-House Design - A commercial site for mouse stickers, greeting cards, rubber stamps, memo pads...etc
Mousercise - Let your computer mouse exercise (this is just for a laugh or if your have nothing to do or maybe for those who don't know how to use the mouse yet....o.o;;)

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