Chuchu! Chu? chuchu~ chu, chuu. Chu-chu-chu, chu!
Chuchuchu, chuchu! chu-chu-chu, chuchu? Chuchu.
Chu! Chuchuchuchu, chuchu.  Chu, chu-chu-chuu.  Chu?

*Anthy comes in for translations*

Hello.  My name is Anthy, nice to meet you.  This is my friend, ChuChu.  ChuChu was saying welcome to his room.  This room is mainly about ChuChu and other interesting things....maybe absurd things about mouse.  Everything about fun.  Of course, we have a mouse temple for you to worship the mice too.  ^^  Serious stuff is at the other room *points to Sailor Iron Mouse*

Sit back and be amazed!

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