Sailor Iron Mouse
Who is Sailor Iron Mouse?

Sailor Iron Mouse is me, your adorable host ^^.  I'm a character in the 5th season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, known as Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.  I'm one of the members of Anima Mates, which people sometimes call us "villains" *lalala...*.  We work for our fearsome boss Sailor Galaxia *sweatdrops* to help her to steal Star Seeds from all the Sailor Senshi in the whole universe.  Sailor Galaxia already has most of the Star Seeds, but she still needs the ones that are located on Earth, especially that particular one, the brightest one in the whole universe.

The Kawaii Sailor Iron Mouse

In my Sailor form, I pretty much just looks like a mouse (well, what do you expect?).  My eye colour is grey and I have white hair tied up as 2 odango on my head, which looks like mouse ears.  Two strands of curly hair come down from the odango to make me even look cuter ^^.  My real ears are covered under the white fluffy earmuffs.  You can see my real ears in my disguised form so you know those are not really my ears on top of my head. *Chuu*

Since this is my Sailor form, my outfit has a sailor collar and it somewhat looks like a Sailor fuku the senshi wear.  It is mainly white with black ribbons and straps.  It has a fuzzy trim on the shoulder matching the fuzzy earmuffs.  I wear a pair of short gloves and a pair of medium length boots, which also have the same fuzzy trim *chuu ^^*.  I also have a set of matching golden chains with beads and stars on my forehead, my neck and around the odango, and then a matching gold star in the middle of the black ribbon on my chest.  Let's not forget my tail.  Aww... aren't I cute? ^^

Sailor Iron Mouse in Anime

My story is slightly different in anime and in manga.  In anime, I'm the first of the Anima Mates to carry out the mission for Sailor Galaxia (aren't us mice always the first of everything? ^_~).  I disguise myself as a TV producer at Ginga TV, and use the name Nezu Chuuko .  With this identity, I can find out who carry the Star Seeds easier.

To transform into my Sailor form, I just say "Chuu!" and takes off my disguise clothes and my Sailor outfit is right underneath.  Unlike the senshi, I don't have to waste time doing the transformation sequence and a long speech.  I found the long speeches those senshi do are quite boring and I'm not going to wait around for them to finish *chuu*.

I have a pair of golden bracelets on my waists which is given by Sailor Galaxia.  It is a really powerful gadget that a single blast will take the Star Seed right out of a person.  The victim will then be turned into a monster and takes care of the senshi, who always come a minute too late, while I teleport myself away in a telephone booth. ^^ *bye!*

My bracelets are not only useful as weapon, they are actually what keep me alive.  So when boss Sailor Galaxia got really angry of me making no progress in finding the Starseed, she retrieved the bracelets from me and I disappeared into nothingness.  *sniff* *sniff*  If she could just give me one more chance...  Not only I found out the identity of the Sailor Starfighter,  he really did possessed the true Star Seed which I almost have it on my hand. *chuu, chuu, chuu ;_;* 

"Nezumi" = mouse
"Chuu" = squeaking sound 
made by a mouse
"ko" = little girl

Sailor Iron Mouse in Manga

In manga, I only appeared briefly, but it tells you more background about me.  A long time ago, I used to live on Planet Chuu (mouse planet).  One day Sailor Galaxia came to my home planet to destroy everything and took the Star Seed of our defender, Sailor Chuu.  Sailor Galaxia found me and gave me the golden bracelets and turned me into Sailor Iron Mouse.  She made me to work for her and in exchange for that one day I can be rewarded a sailor crystal and a planet, so I can become a real Sailor senshi. *chuu!*

I have a very cool attack called "Galactic Crunch" in the manga and I wasn't killed by Sailor Galaxia.  I was actually killed by Sailor Star Healer. ;_;


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The info and pictures on this page is extracted from the above sites (hey, I'm a mouse!), many thanks!