Ask ChuChu
*Translate through subtitles by ChuChu's hard working fans*
Hi, I'm your host ChuChu.  In here, you can ask me anything about me or anything about anything.  Either me or my mistresses *Anthy and Utena poke their heads into the screen*, or my friends, or even other people in Ohtori Academy who has nothing better to do, will answer your questions.  Ok, let's start, chu!

Fan-mail #1
Oh, ChuChu, you are soooo cute!  I love that pink color of your skin and Utena's pink hair.  They remind me of Chibi-usa, she is such a cute character.  Why don't you and Chibi-usa meet someday?

ChuChu: @(O_O)@ I swear the letter is send by that pink terrorist.  First of all, my skin is not pink, it is supposed to be purple!  *points to the picture on the right*  There must be something wrong with the color in the picture.  *kix the scanner*  It is usually different shapes of purple, but not pink!  Utena-sama's hair is pink, but no thanks, I don't think we want to meet Chibi-usa.  Tsugi (next)!

Fan-mail #2
Hi ChuChu!  I have a question to ask you.  How did you and Sailor Iron Mouse know each other?

ChuChu: One day, I went down to the bakery store down the street and saw a chocolate cheese cake that looked mighty yummy.  Just when I was about to buy it, a white hair mousey person stepped in front of me and wanted to buy it too.  I was looking at the cheese cake first but she said she was first.  So we started a fight in the bakery.  While we were trying to figure out who should buy that chocolate cheese cake, the shopkeeper told us that some guy already bought the cake.  So me and Sailor Iron Mouse chased after that guy down the street, and at the corner, we took him down together! *chu!*  Then we shared the cake at the park.  Since we both have the same supreme taste in food, we became friends. @(>^.^<)@

Fan-mail #3
In the anime, why are you always wearing the golden earring and the red tie?  Are you a fan of Akio?

ChuChu: I would do whatever my mistress Anthy likes.  I don't really like Akio, but if Anthy-sama likes him then I'll make myself look like him too.  But I don't do that anymore.  When mistress and I left Akio and left Ohtori Academy, I don't have to look like him anymore. *chu!* I thought my producer Ikuhara Kunihiko had already explained that. no?

Fan-mail #4

I dont understand why you are so popular....afterall, look at me...i am a cute adorable kitten saddled with the burden of having to hang around a pepto-pink-haired brat.  I think i would beat you in a 'kawaii' contest paws down....


Dear Diana,
Kawaii isn't the only reason why I'm so popular.  Actually, you have quite a lot of potential to be popular, if your mistress isn't that pepto-pink terrorist, and if you can do other things besides siting around. *chu!*  Look, my 2 mistress *points to Utena and Anthy* are the 2 leading roles of the show and I'm so proud to be with them.  Maybe if your show had focused on the Crystal Tokyo instead you could have a bigger role.

Fan-mail #5

How do you manage to avoid cats?  I have such problems with one particular cat on my shows...
How did you manage to keep a cat out of your show?  Please tell me!!

A desperate Jerry Mouse

Anthy: Dear Jerry-san, there were actually 2 cats in our show.  I gave one to Touga-sama.
Nanami: Nobody can go between me and my onii-sama, absolutely nobody!!  *puts the cat in a box and dumps the box into the river*
ChuChu:  You see, when your mistress actually has more power than the Ends of the World, everyone in Ohtori Academy follows the plan.  Cats happened to be such a good tool to be used in the show.  *evil laughs*  I suggest you to find out who has the ultimate power in your show and get that person on your side ^_~.

Fan-mail #6

Dear ChuChu,

Like you, on my show, I mostly eat and sleep.  But my mistress -always- yell at me for this.  How can I get away like you?


Sakura: Where is your lazy butt ran off to again!?  You're the guardian of the Cards, not a pet!  Now get yourself back to the right show!
Anthy: ^_~
ChuChu:  Well, I guess that takes care of the question... ^_~

Fan-mail #7

Dear ChuChu,

I really wish you would do more in your show.  You are setting a -bad- example!  I will talk to your mistress about this!

Kinomoto sakura

*ChuChu and Sailor Iron Mouse tie up the fake Sakura and throw her into the dungeon to re-read "50 Things You Can Do With a ChuChu"*

Fan-mail  #8

Dear ChuChu:

I heard you might be making a special appearance at an upcoming Anime convention?  Is this true?  Will you have the 100X curry with you?

An Interested fan

Anime North's Con Policies read: "Real weapons and realistic copies of currently manufactured firearms are strictly prohibited.  Drawing of weapons, horseplay or careless handling of weapons in public areas are not allowed and will result in loss of membership and expulsion from the convention."

ChuChu:  *Chu! Chuu!*  I'm going to be there, but I guess I'll bring a non-realistic copy of the 100x curry.  I too want to stay in the convention and have fun.  Me no wanna get mistress into trouble and the whole Anime North staff and member into panic!!

*Goes check mail box*  That's all the mail we have today? Well, I'll answer more questions next time.  Chu!

Please send all your fan-mails and questions to ChuChu using this convenience form. ^^ *chu!*

Disclaimer: "Ask ChuChu" is intented for fun only.  Unless the question is directed to a specific fact, otherwise the content of this page is fictional.  In another words, don't take it seriously.

"Ask ChuChu" was inspired by Aimee, "The Monkey-Mouse In You", which no longer exists.  Thanks still goes to her who made such a wonderful ChuChu site.