Chuu! is about mice.  It is the one and only clique for mice on internet.

When I searched throught the internet for some appropriate cliques for The Mouse Corner, I didn't find a single one.  There are some cliques for cats, cliques for chocolate, cliques for anime characters, cliques for life styles, cliques for flowers, and cliques for almost anything you can think of.  All BUT mice or mouse-related.  So, instead of joining one, I'm making the mouse clique and claiming it the "one and only".  If you know of another mouse clique, please let me know.  I'm interested to see it too.

Chuu! is part of The Mouse Corner, a site dedicated to mice.  Chuu! is a clique for mouse-lovers, people who think mice are so cute and lovable.  The word "Chuu" is in Japanese, and it refers to the squeaking sound mice make.