Page 7: Neptune Fan Arts**

Fanarts by Chibi Team Rocket
(Do not use without permission)
These are kindly drawn by my friend Chibi Team Rocket as gifts, thanks CTR! ^^

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturna
Michiru and Rushita

Fanarts by Rushita
(Do not use without permission)

I had 2 different versions in my mind when I was drawing the picture

Version 1:  Michiru at night in front of moonlight.  The shining things in front of her eyes are snow flakes.

Version 2: Michiru in day time with manga-like background.  The red things in front of her eyes are cherry blossom pedals.

I also have a version 3, single-color one on the front page as the logo for special Michiru's Birthday edition.  I like making single-color pictures to match the single-color theme of a page, they make the page looks so clean.  Version 3 is converted from version 2.

Fanarts by Allie Stillwell
(Do not use without permission)


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