Welcome to Aqua Reflection, the Michiru/Sailor Neptune gallery.

Some notes before you start:
Pictures that are marked with ** on the right belongs to Rushita.  I either made/drew them or scanned them from my SM stuff.  Please do not use them without my permission.  All other pictures are obtained from the net with permission.  They are kindly donated by other webmasters or obtained from websites that specifically said "free to take".  These are only a collection of my favorite pictures, you'll find more Michiru/Sailor Neptune pictures in big Neptune pages.  I also have some extra pictures in the Michiru information page, if you have not been there yet.

For credits of the pictures, please go to credits page.  Please let me know if I forgot to give you credit on picture that you believe it is belonged to you.

Click on the thumbnails to view the original picture.  Please be patient, some pictures might take a while to load.

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