~ Drawings ~

These are the pictures I drew for special occasions or special purposes. I know I can't draw well, but it is fun to do when I got some special ideas ^^
~ The Three SMU Admins ~
This is a quick pencil sketch of the three SMU Admins. The actual picture is scanned quite big.

Des is actually taller then I thought he was (he is the only one of the 3 that I haven't met in person), and I was told that I did a pretty good job in how they actually look like ^^

~ Michiru Fanart ~
This is one of the 2 versions of the same picture I did on Michiru (see Michiru fanart section in Aqua Reflection for the other one).

The rough sketch was done in pencil, then the detail and coloring were done by computer. The background is specially done with the spiral/rose pattern to give a manga art look. This picture is originally done in color, then changed to monochrome in green to use as the front page design for Rushita's Room (Michiru's Birthday Edition).

Michiru fanarts are in Aqua Reflection

~ Hotaru Fanart ~
I drew this because of somebody wanted to collect SM fanarts in SMU. You probably can tell, I like outer senshi. Hotaru's dress is done according to the original design by Naoko Takeuchi in the SM Material Art book.

This picture is drawn with color pencils (*hugs her prisma color pencils* ^^). Well...I do all my pictures in color pencils anyways, because I like the depth and detail it shows. Unfortunately scanner doesn't quite like color pencils >:( Background is done with computer and the stars in the sky are computer effect as well. The star seed part is also enhenced by computer effect. I was gonna draw the pure heart crystal, but ended up drawing the star seed ^^. I also hand signed the picture with my mouse too.

~ Set Me Free ~
I did this picture really quick one morning when I felt troubled, when I felt I want to be free, free as a bird, or a fairy, in this case. This picture is inspired a little by Princess Maker 3. It was not done in a lot detail cause I just wanted to let my emotion out.

It was again drawn mostly in color pencil and edited by computer.

~ The End ~
I had a very vivid dream one morning about the end of the world. It came so sudden and nobody was prepared, just like the Bible said. When I woke up, I decided to draw one of the horrible scenes down. It happened during morning daylight but the sun turned black so it was completely dark outside. Later on, the sun turned into a big ball of fire so close to the ground and it burned whatever it came across to. The little "chromosome-like" dots on the fire ball are actually people burning. And the "ghostly" figures are the people who was standing in front of me in the dream.

This picture was drawn completely on my computer.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.

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