Frequently Asked Questions

    1.  Is this a Sailor Moon or Utena website?

         No.  Although certain sections of this site is somewhat related to Sailor Moon, I have no intention to make it into another Sailor Moon webpage.  There are some good Sailor Moon websites around, if you like to find out more Sailor Moon stuff, you can just do a search on the internet.

         This is not really a Shoujo Kakumei Utena page either.  Although it has a section on Utena movie piano script and a section about ChuChu, I think it takes a lot more to be called a Utena page.

    2.  If this is not a SM or anime page, what is the purpose of this website? is a personal collectives.  That means it is a collection of my interests, and it changes as my interests change.  It is for me to put my stuff in, stuff that I like to show people.  Anime is one of the main section, and I dedicate a whole section to my favorite senshi, Sailor Neptune.  I've also put a lot of effort on the Adolescence Rush piano script and E-Graphics gallery page.   It is a page about myself, my dream, and my interests.

    3.  What does "Rushita" mean?  Where does that name come from?

        I don't know what the name means, and it probably doesn't have any meaning.  "Rushita" came from an anime movie, "Laputa - The Castle in the Sky".  The name of the main character is called "Sheeta" and her royal name is "Lusheeta".  Before I found out the official spelling of the name, I've always spelt it as "Rushita".  "Rushita" is the Japanese way of spelling it anyway (pronounce "shi" with a long "i" sound).  By coincidence, "Rushita" is also an Indian girl name, but I don't know what that name means.

        I know "Rushita" has those 4 forbidden letters together, which causes my name to be censored out in some of the chat rooms and forums.  However, that's merely a conincident and is not meant to be a bad word or any form of it..  Think of it as the Japanese alphabets "shi" and "ta" come together in a word.

    4.  How come things on your page are not properly aligned?

        They are properly aligned on my computer.  The reason for that is you are using a different browser and a different computer from mine.  I try to make my page look the same for everyone as much as possible.  Let me know what's wrong with my page and I'll try to fix it.

    5.  How come your page takes long to download?

        I hope that doesn't usually happen.  Well, I actually have no idea how long it takes for other people to download my page.  With a cable modem, it doesn't take long to do it on my computer.  I've tried to limit the size of pictures and sound files so that you don't have to wait that long. In Aqua Reflection, some animated gifs sure take long to download due to very large file size.  But they are so good, I think it is worth to wait.
 is currently hosted by a paid service with a pretty good speed.  If you still having trouble in loading speed or if you realize my server has a lot of downtime, please let me know.

    6.  Why do you keep moving your page?

         Rushita is constantly on a search for the best web host and services so you can feel more comfortable when you visit here.  It has gone from removing ads and pops up to a more reliable server and a more centralized and organized location.  Since I've already got myself a domain, this should be the permenant URL location, regardless of who I got to host my site.

         Currently, is what the site URL should be. Thanks to Diana from providing redirection, to avoid censoring the word "rushita" on some forum or web services, may be used.

    7.  Where is hosted on?
 is currently hosted by Host Rocket. It provides domain name hosting.  If you like the host, go to Host Rocket to check their hosting plans.

    8.  Will you host my website in
         I'm sorry, I won't.  I currently have quite a bit of space on my domain but my own site takes up more space than you probably imagine, and I have a tendency to abuse the space too ^^;;  On the other hand, who would be interested to have "" as their domain name anyway? ^^;;  You don't know how much trouble I've encountered because everywhere likes to censor "Rushita" O.o;;.  I also have quite tight restrictions on webpage hosted on the domain and most people would not be able to follow.  I do have a couple of hostees from time to time on the domain, but they are by invitation only under certain circumstances.

    9.  Who is that pale blue hair girl really?

        ^_^ Her name is actually Shiori from an unfamous anime, Voogie's Angel.  She looks exactly like what I have in mind for Rushita, that's why I use her face.  Pictures of Rushita are extensively edited picture of Shiori or specifically drawn by various talented artists.  My hair style does look like Rushita's.

    10. How much time have you spent on this page?

        Well, making a page does takes a lot of time.  In case you question, I don't have school, I'm done (graduated).  I started this page when I was still looking for a job (can't remember the exact date, around Dec 14, 97).  Now it's just a matter of maintaining it.  It still takes a lot of time but I do it as a project on my leisure time.

    11. What are those codes on your page?  (those look like computer codes)

        I sometimes have them on my page, they are actually Chinese or Japanese.  Most browsers these day allow you to view different language codes.  You just need to select the proper character coding on your browser.   The foreign languages on my site are either for Chinese visitors of my page or for anime related Japanese info.  I don't have very much of them on my page and they are usually accompanied by English.  If you can't see/understand them, that's ok, you don't miss much anyway.

    12. Can I use your pictures on my page?

        I'm glad if you've actually thought of this question, rather than just go ahead and steal them. You may NOT use any of the Sailor Moon paper doll images or any Sailor Moon animated gifs on the Request page as I have spent a lot of time and effort to make them just for my own page.  For pictures in Neptune's section, I got most of them from other pages (with permission).  Since I don't own those pictures, you can do whatever you want with them.  Those pictures marked with ** belonged to me.  I either made them or scanned them myself.  Please ask for permission first.  Also, all pictures of Rushita have been edited extensively or actually drawn by myself or my friends.  Please DO NOT take them without permission.  Same goes for my art work.  Music scores in Adolescence Rush and The Mystery of Levitation Stone are for you to download and play with the piano, but it is not for you to put on your webpage.  The e-graphics cards are for your viewing pleasure only, not for your page.  If you like to include anything on your webpage in whatever way, you must ASK ME first.

    13. Can you help me with my page?

        Sure, just e-mail me and see what I can do.

    14. More Questions? How do I contact you?

        If you have more questions to ask about my page, or for some reason you want to contact me, please e-mail me through this form.

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