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    Site Introductions is owned and created solely by Rushita. This project began on December 1997 with the name "Rushita's Homepage", and then later evolved into "". is a personal website reflecting the various interests of Rushita, which includes but not limited to anime, web graphics, music, religion, etc. The purpose of the site is to present the true self of Rushita and to share Rushita's "treasures" or "precious things" with people in the internet world whom she might or might not know. It is not a fansite of any particular anime.

    Site Content

    The content of is kept at the rating of "PG" or lower (meaning generally family friendly, might require some parental guidance). and all it's hostees has agreed to keep the site content free of hatred, racism, pornography, hentai, explicit homosexuality, or any R-rated subject matters. is also a drug-free, smoke-free, alcohol-free, and gambling-free environment.

    Religion and Believes

    Rushita stands strongly on, and portraits the following believes:

    - Any addiction on drugs, smoking, alcohol and gambling is hazardous to your body, mind, soul and people around you, and such should not be attempted. If such addictions occur, the person should seek professional help.

    - Any use of a prescription, non-prescription or recreational drug that affects the central nervous system without any medically-proven therapeutic value is wrong, whether the person claims to have addiction or not.

    - Sexual intercourse unites not only the body, but also mind and soul. Such unity is a serious commitment and should only be done in married couples.

    - The solution to reduce the number of cases of teenage pregnancy or unpredicted pregnancy is through sex education and moral education, not by changing the status of emergency contraceptive pills from prescription drugs to non-prescription over-the-counter drugs. Making emergency contraceptive pills accessible without prescription is encouraging unprotected sex and undergoing intercourse without considering the consequences. People need to be educated that pre-marital sex is morally wrong and family planning among married couples is very important to avoid unpredicted pregnancy.

    - Marriage is the relationship between 1 female and 1 male. Not 2 females, nor 2 males.

    - Homosexuality is a sin. Adultery, fornication and debauchery, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, strife, jealousy, wrath, selfish ambition, dissensions, false teaching, envy, drunkenness, and orgies are also sins.

    - There is one and only true God in 3 Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is the Creator and ruler of all things. He is almighty, all-knowing, all-wise, unchanging, holy and loving. He is infinite and everlasting.

    - Jesus is the son of God and He is fully God and fully man. He eternally pre-existed with the Father, and was born of a virgin and was a completely sinless man. He died on the cross to pay for the debt of men's sins, and his was resurrected and ascended to heaven. Jesus will come again to judge the world.

    - All man has a sinful nature, and because of the sins, men are separated from God. In order to restore the relationship with God, Jesus sacrificed Himself and died for us, because we cannot save ourselves. The salvation from sin is by God's grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. By salvation, our sins will be forgiven and given eternal life in God's kingdom, instead of suffering from eternal condemnation. Salvation also enables us to repent from our sins, experience God, and have a new meaningful life.

    - God is loving and He is also just. He cannot consider what is unholy as holy just because He loves us. God hates sins but He loves everybody, including sinners. God hates homosexuality, but He still loves the people who commit such acts. He wants all sinners to repent. He loves us so much that He sent His own Son Jesus to die for us sinners so that we don't have to suffer eternally. He loves you so much that He has planned for you a way out through Jesus Christ from His eternal punishment. All you need is to admit your sins and believe in Jesus Christ.

    - Bible is the word of God. It is written by man through the full divine inspiration of God, and the original manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments have no mistake.

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